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Mitch Laurence [userpic]

Write about mother (your own or someone else's)

May 20th, 2006 (02:28 pm)

Our mother claimed to love us: my brother Walker and I. She took us to church every Sunday. We said our prayers each night. We were sure she'd protect us, as a mother should. Yet, she turned a blind eye when father locked us in the boat house. She barely said a word when father sent Walker away. How could a mother tune out her son's screams for help as he was beaten?

The mother of my child: Victoria Lord Davidson. When the DNA results proved me to be Jessica's father, how Vicki vowed to keep my precious daughter from me. I am not my mother's son. I would have protected my daughter at any cost. In fact I did just that, although no one would believe my claim. The last face I saw was my daughter's. Left for dead. She turned and walked away, watched me suffer, just as my mother had so many years ago.