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Mitch Laurence
Brother you betrayed me. Daughter you turned your back on me. And yet I live. Again.

"Would you like some iced tea, Viki? You remember my famous iced tea, don't you? Or should I say infamous..."

Muse: Mitch Laurence aka Michael Lazarus aka "The Messenger"
Fandom: One Life to Live

Mitch Laurence was a villain/cult leader from the show One Life to Live, who "brainwashed" his followers via delicious (drugged) iced tea, in the 80's. He "died" in 1986, only to return from the grave and to Llanview, PA in 2002. Later that year Mitch was murdered once again. An evangelist out for money and power. Risen from the dead yet again, he's broke and looking to re-establish his flock.

Sure he tends to be cheesy and over the top, but hey this is a character from a soap opera! Although he's looking to con people out of their hard (or otherwise) earned cash, Mitch can also be sincere and may be seeking a real connection with others. How can you tell what his motives are? Hmmm...

This journal is a part of the theatrical_muse community and is for entertainment purposes only. I don't drug iced tea in reality. I don't really think I'm Mitch Laurence. I am not associated with Roscoe Born, the television show "One Life to Live" or ABC.

No need to ask before friending this journal. Also feel free to comment and/or email me if you'd like to involve Mitch in some RP. He's open to interact with characters from any fandom.
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